[HamWAN PSDR] Cell Sites on DNR Towers

Jamie Owens jlowens76 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 23:05:02 PDT 2021

Maybe also throw in HamWAN Cam's helped catch a wildfire early on.

Sad things like this go un-noticed/recognized

On Mon, Oct 18, 2021 at 10:19 PM Dale Skyllingstad <
dskyllingstad at harbornet.com> wrote:

> This is very unfortunate news.  Perhaps we can draft a letter to our state
> legislators explaining our situation with the DNR, and detailing our
> network's contribution toward state emergency communications.  Maybe even
> including an example of our wildfire report last year?
> Dale
> On 10/18/2021 10:07 PM, Nigel Vander Houwen wrote:
> Hello HamWAN volunteers/users/interested parties,
> As has been previously discussed on the list, there has been a lot of
> happenings in the background over roughly the last year with regards to DNR
> sites. We’ve had several sites in limbo for some time as lease holders
> worked with DNR to sort things out, and we had some hopeful indications
> that it would end up working out in the end.
> Unfortunately indications have greatly soured. As discussed in recent
> weeks, Rattlesnake and Larch Mountain were decommissioned recently, and
> we’ve now received official word that we’ll need to decommission Gold
> Mountain in the coming weeks. As much as I’d like it to end there, we are
> not holding our breath for Capitol Peak or Blyn.
> Unfortunately new rules DNR has placed on amateur leases effectively
> exclude use cases like HamWAN, if they were offering them at all due to DNR
> budget issues, and commercial rates are simply not feasible. I’m sure folks
> will think/suggest about additional donations to cover it, but commercial
> rates would require many-fold our current donation levels EVERY YEAR to
> make work. It’s simply not something we can reasonably consider.
> I’m very sorry to have to deliver this news to the many folks this will
> impact. This is obviously a major blow for the network. I’m thankful for
> the team who has put so much effort into building out these sites and
> maintaining the infrastructure, and I’m saddened to see that work torn
> down. Likewise I know there are quite a number of combined users,
> repeaters, and emergency groups who are going to be impacted by this. I
> hope that we can work with you to get you connected to another site where
> the pathing works.
> We’re not done. There’s a lot of the core network, and a lot of coverage
> that doesn’t rely on these DNR sites, and will remain operational. We’ll
> likely need to do some work to reconsider/rework redundant pathing after
> this loss. Going forward I’m hopeful for finding new non-DNR sites where we
> can rebuild and expand once more.
> If anyone has any specific notes or suggestions, please send us an email
> at netops at hamwan.org
> Nigel
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