[HamWAN PSDR] Cell Sites on DNR Towers

Dale Skyllingstad dskyllingstad at harbornet.com
Mon Oct 18 22:18:41 PDT 2021

This is very unfortunate news.  Perhaps we can draft a letter to our 
state legislators explaining our situation with the DNR, and detailing 
our network's contribution toward state emergency communications.  Maybe 
even including an example of our wildfire report last year?


On 10/18/2021 10:07 PM, Nigel Vander Houwen wrote:
> Hello HamWAN volunteers/users/interested parties,
> As has been previously discussed on the list, there has been a lot of 
> happenings in the background over roughly the last year with regards 
> to DNR sites. We’ve had several sites in limbo for some time as lease 
> holders worked with DNR to sort things out, and we had some hopeful 
> indications that it would end up working out in the end.
> Unfortunately indications have greatly soured. As discussed in recent 
> weeks, Rattlesnake and Larch Mountain were decommissioned recently, 
> and we’ve now received official word that we’ll need to decommission 
> Gold Mountain in the coming weeks. As much as I’d like it to end 
> there, we are not holding our breath for Capitol Peak or Blyn.
> Unfortunately new rules DNR has placed on amateur leases effectively 
> exclude use cases like HamWAN, if they were offering them at all due 
> to DNR budget issues, and commercial rates are simply not feasible. 
> I’m sure folks will think/suggest about additional donations to cover 
> it, but commercial rates would require many-fold our current donation 
> levels EVERY YEAR to make work. It’s simply not something we can 
> reasonably consider.
> I’m very sorry to have to deliver this news to the many folks this 
> will impact. This is obviously a major blow for the network. I’m 
> thankful for the team who has put so much effort into building out 
> these sites and maintaining the infrastructure, and I’m saddened to 
> see that work torn down. Likewise I know there are quite a number of 
> combined users, repeaters, and emergency groups who are going to be 
> impacted by this. I hope that we can work with you to get you 
> connected to another site where the pathing works.
> We’re not done. There’s a lot of the core network, and a lot of 
> coverage that doesn’t rely on these DNR sites, and will remain 
> operational. We’ll likely need to do some work to reconsider/rework 
> redundant pathing after this loss. Going forward I’m hopeful for 
> finding new non-DNR sites where we can rebuild and expand once more.
> If anyone has any specific notes or suggestions, please send us an 
> email at netops at hamwan.org <mailto:netops at hamwan.org>
> Nigel
> HamWAN
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