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Dean Gibson AE7Q hamwan at ae7q.com
Fri May 28 11:28:23 PDT 2021

When I first got my HamWAN setup (32" reflector w/ a Microtik router) in 
February of some year in the past, I aimed it out a 2nd story window 
(double-paned glass) to the HamWAM Paine Field (actually, Snohomish 
County DEM) node, 5 miles away.  Worked fine, so I mounted the dish on 
the roof.

Starting in July, over that month, reception gradually dropped from good 
to marginal to non-existent.  Reception didn't come back until the next 
January.  This pattern repeated for the next three years, at which time 
I gave up.

We never did find the cause.  Seasonal foliage didn't seem to match the 

Good luck!

On 2021-05-28 09:51, Jesse Victors via PSDR wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> HamWAN has been on my radar for a couple months and I wanted to get 
> connected. I have a couple options.
> 1) if 5 GHz can pass through double-paned glass, then I could point an 
> antenna through the window from my work office in downtown Seattle, 
> connecting with the hubs nearby or across the water.
> 2) if 5 GHz can pass through tree leaves, I could mount the dish on 
> the mast holding the center of my HF fan dipole, as shown here: 
> https://www.qrz.com/db/kj7yls <https://www.qrz.com/db/kj7yls> At a 
> height of 30 feet it might be able to connect with Paine.
> 3) if 5 GHz can pass through a thin piece of plywood and tree leaves, 
> I could mount the antenna in my attic. That should be tall enough to 
> jump over my neighbors house I think.
> Which of these would work? I'm leaning towards the first option. The 
> second would work but it would just be more logistically difficult. I 
> believe the third option would suffer significant signal degradation, yes?
> As far as antennas go, the LHG 5 seems to have pretty good 
> performance, is within my hobby budget, and should work for the links 
> that I have in mind, yes? It should also be lighter and more 
> wind-resistant since its hollow. I should be able to mount that on a 
> pole, connect PoE, and then work on the routing, correct? If this is a 
> decent choice, where is a good place to order the International edition?
> Thanks for any advice with this!
> Jesse

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