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It all depends on the distance involved. If you are talking a few blocks (less than a half a mile), you should get through some limited amount of leaves. I’ve gone 0.6 miles testing with some shrubs in the way, but that’s the limit I’ve found.  I’ve not tried through glass, so can’t speak to that. If it is totally clear, plain, glass, you should get some performance. If there is any kind of tinting, eco-surfaces, etc., forget it.  Wood is worse than leaves, maybe 600 to 1000 feet.  For anything longer, you need true line of sight (you look through binoculars and see the other end of the shot).  There is also the Fresnel zone, a somewhat cigar shaped elliptical, narrow at the ends and wider in the middle. For best results, there should be no obstructions in the Fresnel zone (not just in the basic direct LOS). You can find Fresnel zone calculators on line.


I have found the Dynadish5 to be the best choice for shots up to maybe 10 or 15 miles. Beyond that you will want the mANT30 dish with proper routerboard. However, I am aware of at least two shots where the Dynadish outperformed the mANT30 on shots over 25 miles.  The higher gain really matters on the long shots.  The LHG5 is okay for perhaps 5 miles (with clear LOS).


Carl, N7KUW


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Hey everyone!

HamWAN has been on my radar for a couple months and I wanted to get connected. I have a couple options.

1) if 5 GHz can pass through double-paned glass, then I could point an antenna through the window from my work office in downtown Seattle, connecting with the hubs nearby or across the water.

2) if 5 GHz can pass through tree leaves, I could mount the dish on the mast holding the center of my HF fan dipole, as shown here: https://www.qrz.com/db/kj7yls At a height of 30 feet it might be able to connect with Paine.

3) if 5 GHz can pass through a thin piece of plywood and tree leaves, I could mount the antenna in my attic. That should be tall enough to jump over my neighbors house I think.

Which of these would work? I'm leaning towards the first option. The second would work but it would just be more logistically difficult. I believe the third option would suffer significant signal degradation, yes?

As far as antennas go, the LHG 5 seems to have pretty good performance, is within my hobby budget, and should work for the links that I have in mind, yes? It should also be lighter and more wind-resistant since its hollow. I should be able to mount that on a pole, connect PoE, and then work on the routing, correct? If this is a decent choice, where is a good place to order the International edition?

Thanks for any advice with this!


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