[HamWAN PSDR] up and running!

Dale Skyllingstad dskyllingstad at harbornet.com
Thu Apr 29 13:14:49 PDT 2021

Just realized I replied to Carl and not the list ;)

Pardon me if I haven't been following the whole conversation, but what 
was the reason behind your dual band requirement?


On 4/29/2021 1:10 PM, carl at n7kuw.com wrote:
> It states right on the HamWAN web page that you must have an 802.11a/n 
> modem, that ac modems do not support 5 or 10 MHz channels.  Also you 
> must make sure you buy an international, or ROW (rest of world) 
> version of the dish to be able to go outside of Part15 frequencies 
> (necessary for HamWAN).  You should refer to the HamWAN list of client 
> hardware here 
> http://hamwan.org/Standards/Component%20Engineering/Client%20Hardware.html 
> <http://hamwan.org/Standards/Component%20Engineering/Client%20Hardware.html> 
> Also note that your client device must also be capable of nv2 
> protocol.  Be very careful of buying on Amazon, as most of the devices 
> sold there are US only devices (even if they don’t indicate such in 
> the part number).
> I’m not aware of any dual band hardware that will work for HamWAN on 
> the 5GHz side.  Personally, I highly recommend the Dynadish5 
> https://www.flyteccomputers.com/product/21307/Mikrotik-DynaDish-5-RBDynaDishG-5HacD-Outdoor-Dual-Chain-5GHz-with-25dBi-Antenna 
> <https://www.flyteccomputers.com/product/21307/Mikrotik-DynaDish-5-RBDynaDishG-5HacD-Outdoor-Dual-Chain-5GHz-with-25dBi-Antenna>. 
> Wherever you buy it, contact the vendor when you place the order to 
> make sure you get the non-US version. You may have to submit a copy of 
> your license, or sign compliance paperwork, for them to ship the 
> non-US version in CONUS.
> N7KUW, Carl
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> Well, I can now confirm that the LHG XL 52 ac is unable to do 
> 5MHz/10MHz channels so can't be used for HamWAN.
> Any other suggestions for dual-band hardware gladly welcomed.
> 73 -de- n8qg
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