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It states right on the HamWAN web page that you must have an 802.11a/n modem, that ac modems do not support 5 or 10 MHz channels.  Also you must make sure you buy an international, or ROW (rest of world) version of the dish to be able to go outside of Part15 frequencies (necessary for HamWAN).  You should refer to the HamWAN list of client hardware here http://hamwan.org/Standards/Component%20Engineering/Client%20Hardware.html  Also note that your client device must also be capable of nv2 protocol.  Be very careful of buying on Amazon, as most of the devices sold there are US only devices (even if they don’t indicate such in the part number).


I’m not aware of any dual band hardware that will work for HamWAN on the 5GHz side.  Personally, I highly recommend the Dynadish5 https://www.flyteccomputers.com/product/21307/Mikrotik-DynaDish-5-RBDynaDishG-5HacD-Outdoor-Dual-Chain-5GHz-with-25dBi-Antenna. Wherever you buy it, contact the vendor when you place the order to make sure you get the non-US version. You may have to submit a copy of your license, or sign compliance paperwork, for them to ship the non-US version in CONUS.

N7KUW, Carl




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Well, I can now confirm that the LHG XL 52 ac is unable to do 5MHz/10MHz channels so can't be used for HamWAN.


Any other suggestions for dual-band hardware gladly welcomed.


73 -de- n8qg


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