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Stephen Kangas stephen at kangas.com
Thu Apr 29 11:50:23 PDT 2021

I thought I had posted about that already, if not: sorry.  I bought a LHG XL52ac a few months back and never got it to connect; I haven’t given up yet, as I’ve been hearing about a hack done in EU that I need to research.  But I have another use for it so no $ wasted: remote weak signal WiFi connections for my travel trailer, and it’s working for that (although took some unusual config).


The LHG XL HP5 and LHG HP5 both work well for HamWan, have both of those going here.  Do not know if the LHG XL 5ac will work, you’d need to contact MikroTik support to ask about channel widths.  As usual, get the international (non-US) version; much less expensive and MUCH faster 1wk delivery from eurodk.com, compared to the US dealer.


Stephen W9SK



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Well, I can now confirm that the LHG XL 52 ac is unable to do 5MHz/10MHz channels so can't be used for HamWAN.


Any other suggestions for dual-band hardware gladly welcomed.


73 -de- n8qg


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