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I am putting forward this proposal for board approval.  Approval of the precise choice of 60GHz gear should probably be left to final decision by Netops so long as the cost is approximately the same.  Cost from Kenny's spreadsheet totals to $1700.


I approve.




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Attached is the cost proposal to expand the ETiger site into the Silke building, including adding a new sector (S1). This building/tower currently houses the PTZ camera for ETiger, several repeaters owned by KF7BJI and at the moment is connected to HamWAN via a small puck radio on the roof. (Via the S3 sector on the WA7HJK tower) The proposed upgrade would add another sector (S1) to the site, which isn't possible on the WA7HJK towers due to space limitations. Part of the expansion includes adding a 60Ghz link between the buildings, to move the traffic off the S3 sector. The proposed radios are a new product from Mikrotik and are designed specifically for harsh environments. One possible future upgrade is putting another PtP dish on the Silke tower, to supplement the links to SnoDEM and Camp Murray. 




I believe a director has to officially make the motion before the board can vote. My apologies for any mistakes or omissions for this process.






On Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 6:27 PM Doug Kingston <dpk at randomnotes.org> wrote:

This was not formally presented.  Can you provide wording including costs that we can put up for a vote?




On Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 11:19 AM Kenny Richards <richark at gmail.com> wrote:

I wanted to provide another update about ETiger.


I got notified yesterday that Rich-KF7BJI has signed the new contract with Silke and again will have access to the second ETiger building starting on Friday. I have already purchased the necessary stand-off and picked up the sector from Doug to add to the Silke tower. (to add S1 to the site)  Given the change in the weather, not exactly sure when that will happen, but I'm personally invested in at least getting the camera back online. 


The remaining item that I hope was discussed by the board when this was proposed was purchasing the hardware to link the Silke building with the HJR building via a 60Ghz link. (Similar to what was done at Rattlesnake)  When I checked, the LHG60g devices were used at Rattlesnake. (https://mikrotik.com/product/lhg_60g)  Doug recommended the newer nRay devices. (https://mikrotik.com/product/wireless_wire_nray) The cost of the nRAY is a little cheaper, since it includes the 'shield' that would be needed on the LHG60g. 


Regardless of the hardware solution, did the board approve the purchase of the hardware to link the two buildings and add the additional sector? 






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