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Memphis is active though we slowed down during the pandemic. We actually just got a new edge with local announcement finally after years of searching and are waiting on the 44net LOA to come. As soon as that’s in, we’ll be migrating our edge over. We had a few slow years but are picking back up now.

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> On 9/23/20 2:58 PM, Steve - WA7PTM wrote:
>> Thanks all, I'm collecting/updating information as the emails come in.
>> Since AREDN was brought up, the question that comes to mind is ... Does
>> a blended HamWAN (links) and AREDN (sectors and clients) system make
>> sense? One would then have a scalable WAN with and easy-to-use mesh.
>> If someone didn't have a direct shot at a mountain top, they might still
>> be able to connect into the network via a neighbor.
> https://youtu.be/7mAFP_c0B6g?t=1609
> Look at the end of that, they struggle to get it talking across the table
> there due to 2.4 GHz interference.
> HamWAN can feed ARDEN/Mesh, but it's all through a single access point/NAT
> gateway. From HamWAN's perspective it's just another client user.
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