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Eurodk’s reference to “Euro plug” is for the AC adapter that supplies the DC PoE power to the dish, ie it has the European style AC plug on the adapter.  Of course, we don’t use euro-style AC sockets here in the USA, so you want to order the “USA plug” for any dish you order from eurodk.com (or other European seller).  If you order the “Euro plug” version from them, you will get the proper frequency needed for HamWan but you will also get an AC adapter that you’ll then need to turn around and either buy another AC adapter with our US plug on it or else and adapter to convert the Euro AC plug to the US plug.  


I have not yet see a European seller of MikroTik that sells the FCC Part 97 version of these antennas (what is being called the “US version” in this thread), they only sell what is being called the “ROW version” in this thread as the rest of the world has no need for the Part 97 restricted version.  My belief is that only US sellers sell the Part 97 version (I could be wrong).


Stephen W9SK



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Hi Michael,

If you’re not in a big hurry, I can bring my Dynadish over to your house once I get it up and running and we can see if we can reach a HamWAN sector from there. I’ll have it mounted on a tripod. A big part of why I’m going with the portable model is so that I can test it out on different places on Bainbridge Island.

Stephen, W9SK, recommended Eurodk.com. They have the Dynadish 5 for $121.23, in stock. I ordered mine through them. It came to $160 with shipping and whatnot.

I went with the Dynadish based in large part on the recommendations of Carl N7KUW and Bryan Fields in this email thread. Also, the Dynadish seems more robust, with fewer parts that could easily get pulled or crushed if handled indelicately. It also seems more future-proof. I may not be able to take advantage of the speed, and I may not need it even if I could, but I like knowing it’s there.

Eurodk doesn’t call it ROW. They call it the Euro plug.


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