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Thanks, Bryan; quite interesting.  

The spec sheets between the two models imply nearly exactly same speeds for a given Rx signal strength, and rated usage distance.  There must be an error in the specs, or something else not shown in the specs.  Beam width is also similar at 8 vs 7 degrees, which means aiming is fairly critical for max signal & speed for either model.   Given same manufacturer, the same radio is likely used in both with same noise figure, SNR, etc, but perhaps you're right that may not be the case.  Makes me want to contact MikroTik for more info.

Last I looked a couple weeks ago, I was doing about 30Mbps down with the smaller LHG 5 HP 3.2mi away (5.1km) from Rattlesnake Mtn here (3248ft ASL + 140ft tower = 3380ft, I'm at 518ft ASL, delta = 2862ft.  I'm expecting longer range possible with the LHG 5 XL when I get it, possibly faster speed here at my home QTH although I don't need it for Winlink & similar ham apps.  10Mbps is plenty for what we need for ham stuff here.

During our present email conversation, I was just notified that another of our ARES team guys placed an order for the LHG 5 XL; he's 5.2mi (8.4km) from the HamWan cell site with a 40ft tower to put it on.  That will bring it to 3 of us, and a couple others here watching that may get on-board.

Stephen W9SK

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On 9/14/20 10:14 PM, Stephen Kangas wrote:
> BTW, the Dynadish is an insignificant 0.5db spec difference in gain.  
> Given that the 802.a/n download/upload speeds of the LHG5 series is 
> way more than needed for most portable applications,

I've found the radio in the Dynadish to be a better performing unit.  1km from our "Mt. San Petersburgo" site at 380' ASL, the Dynadish was doing 40 mbit's up and down, while the LHG radio was doing 15.  No idea why, everything was configured the same, and the radio were not operating at the same time.

Dynadish is worth the money.

Bryan Fields

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