[HamWAN PSDR] Advice for parts for a portable setup

Stephen Kangas stephen at kangas.com
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Eurodk.com sells the Dynadish 5 for $121.23USD, the LHG 5HP for $44.49, the
LHG 5 XL HP for $61.17USD, and the SXTsq 5 HP for $38.23, plus USPS Priority
shipping that adds about another $20k (took less than one week to receive my
order); this makes that source considerably less expensive than the other
sources my team looked at.  The LHG series as-el mast mount is only
$5.50USD.  Plus, they have current stock of most models, drop-shipped
directly from Latvia where their warehouse is located next to the MikroTik
manufacturer (this is the reason I went with them in the first place, as the
US reseller quoted 2-3months back-order).


I have not yet tried running the LHG 5 on 12V power, but I will try that out
here shortly and let you know.  We currently carry a 120VAC generator &
solar invertor for our team's field deployment setup, for the HF radio,
laptops, lighting and other equipment, but it would be nice to know if the
HamWan antenna can be added to the list of 12VDC possibilities for lean
go-kits running off of battery/solar/vehicle.


BTW, the Dynadish is an insignificant 0.5db spec difference in gain.  Given
that the 802.a/n download/upload speeds of the LHG5 series is way more than
needed for most portable applications, I don't yet see any advantage of
802.ac (if you're going to be streaming video from encrypted websites like
YouTube, Netflix, Xfinity, which one might be able to argue demands >10Mbps,
you're in violation of FCC Part 97 regs for amateur radio anyway).  Since
the 5Ghz band is not being used by HamWan for client connections, that
eliminates most or all of the extra 802.ac speed anyway which requires 5GHz
to reach its spec'd max speeds.


Stephen W9SK





Stephen W9SK



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Thank you Stephen, and thank you, Carl!

I am curious to hear back on the 802.ac issue, so that will be a factor.

I made a table of what I've learned so far. I like that the Dynadish is
smaller and appears to be faster and more robust. If I understand correctly,
the wider antenna beam width would make it more forgiving for aiming it at a
HamWAN site. The Dynadish's increased power consumption is a downside for
battery life. Does anyone how much the Dynadish actually weighs?







CPU Model



CPU Speed

600 MHz

720 MHz


64 MB

128 MB


16 MB

16 MB

Antenna Gain

27 dBi

25 dBi

Antenna Beam Width



Ethernet Port Speed

Fast (10/100)

Gigabit (10/100/1000)

TX Power

Up to 630 mW

?? Not listed and haven't been able to find

Listed Range

40 km (25 miles)

45 km (28 miles)


550 x 245 mm (22" x 10")

404 x 175 (16" x 7")


945 g (2 pounds)

Not listed, but some websites list this as

26-28 pounds. Could this be accurate?

Power Consumption

7 w

9 w

In Stock?










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