[HamWAN PSDR] Advice for parts for a portable setup

Stephen Kangas stephen at kangas.com
Mon Sep 14 15:14:28 PDT 2020

I am planning on setting up a portable unit myself, and just awaiting
re-stock of the antenna I plan to use so it can be ordered:

https://www.eurodk.com/en/products/mt-lhg/lhg-xl-hp5  This is a 9.5inch
diameter wind-resistant 27dbi gain dish with integrated
modem/router/firewall and is 24VDC PoE.  I have bought and installed the
smaller 6.75 inch 25dbi gain version of this same antenna at my home QTH
that is working well about 1.5mi away from the cell site.


I have another ARES team mate who purchased the small 5in square SXTsq 5HP
flat-panel 16dbi gain antenna for his portable station, which I think he's
mounting on a tripod.  His home QTH is a bit over 1mi from the cell site and
he needs to use it outdoors, but with no trees and clear LOS view it's
working well.  He's using this:
https://www.eurodk.com/en/products/mt-sxtsq/sxt-sq-5-hp   I worry that he'll
have some trouble with this smaller-gain antenna during field deployments at
a distance or during snowy/rainy weather.


For the portable use I have planned in emcomm field deployments and RV
traveling, I feel I need the most amount of gain I can get that is also
easily managed, transported, and setup/teardown.


I recommend that you use a dedicated laptop for HamWan with no valuable info
that you can afford to have exploited by an attacker, as I have experienced
twice now unauthorized router logon attacks after connected to the 44
network > half hour; since I'm a pro infosec guy, I have a pro-grade IDPS on
my local network that detects/blocks such attacks and alerts me, but most
people do not.so in addition to keeping everything patched, hardening your
MikoTik router config, hardening your laptop config and using good
anti-malware protection on it, you should think about what you can lose or
not lose and keep your HamWan dish powered off except when you are actively
using it.


Stephen W9SK




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Hello to the group!

I am on Bainbridge Island, and I am looking into a portable setup to
experiment with from different locations.

While there is a lot of useful gear info on the website and on this
listserv, I want to make sure that I don't end up getting something that
doesn't maximize data speeds or will be obsolete in a year.

I am looking for advice for a complete portable system. I can make use of a
power supply and tripod that I already have, although I'd be interested on
input on that, as well.

Thanks in advance for your help with this.



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