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With regard to Seattle and Seattle ACS, in addition to the Seattle EOC (which has multiple HamWAN links), our alternate EOC radio room at North Seattle College will be connected in the very near future, and at least a dozen of our members have connections at their homes.  In addition to permanent installations, we have at least a dozen portable, deployable, HamWAN client stations that can be set up if/when/where needed (I have 7 in my possession). The Seattle EOC has three pre-planned alternate locations should the primary EOC be unavailable, and we have the ability to set up HamWAN at any/all of those on demand.  We are in the planning stage of placing a Winlink "server" (not the correct term, sorry) that would store/forward/serve Winlink email in the absence of any outside world internet connection. That would be able to support Winlink anywhere with the PSDR area.  We have three Seattle DMR repeaters connected via HamWAN, as well as several Winlink and VARA nodes connected via HamWAN.

Carl, N7KUW
Deputy Director, Seattle ACS

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Does anyone have up-to-date figures on how many public service agencies (EOCs, fire departments, hospitals, Red Cross offices, etc.) are connected to HamWAN?  I am preparing an article for the ARRL E-Letter and those figures would help.

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