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I don't have a list, but can inform you that the North Bend ARES Team has two volunteers already with HamWAN client connections to the new Rattlesnake Mountain HamWAN cell site installed this past June 2020.  Myself W9SK with a fixed antenna at my home QTH, and another member KI7IRL with a portable antenna for field deployment.  I have an antenna on order to also add another portable HamWAN node for field activations, with an idea proposed to create a WiFi mesh simultaneously between a growing number of NBAT emcomm volunteers who purchase antennas that can be linked to HamWAN.  We are in conversation with our primary served agency, City of North Bend, for funding and approval to install a client node at their EOC site, and hope to get that funded when the City figures out their new budget changes (resulting from revenue reductions due to current Covid effects on local businesses).

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NBAT is an all-volunteer non-profit serving the City of North Bend during emergencies and public service events.  
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Does anyone have up-to-date figures on how many public service agencies (EOCs, fire departments, hospitals, Red Cross offices, etc.) are connected to HamWAN?  I am preparing an article for the ARRL E-Letter and those figures would help.

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