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Stephen Kangas stephen at kangas.com
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Wow, pretty spectacular!  I just looked myself and even at nightime the wildfire smoke blowing in from E WA shows how Mt Si and the lights of North Bend are somewhat obscured.  Can’t wait to see this on a clear sunny day.


Stephen W9SK



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They are not recorded, just re streamed so there is no heavy load on the network. Alot of them are Sunba cameras as far as I know. The one I have noticed is the best bang for the buck is the Sunba Illuminati 


that one can be seen as the Rattlesnake cam here: http://stream.westin.hamwan.net/

I was able to get a REALLY good picture of ~42 miles away mt baker that blew me away! So my  vote is for the  https://sunbatech.com/product/sunba-illuminati-auto-tracking-ptz-camera/  


On Tue, Sep 8, 2020 at 3:06 PM Jamie Hughes <wa7jh at outlook.com <mailto:wa7jh at outlook.com> > wrote:

Hello PSDR team,


I have seen that you guys are putting cameras at the different sites. Do you guys record these? Also what camera’s do you recommend?



Jamie Hughes


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Jamie Owens

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