[HamWAN PSDR] Any one having Haystack connection issues?

John G Parnell jparnell at igc.org
Mon Oct 26 23:39:54 PDT 2020

My HamWAN connection to Haystack has been working nicely since we set up my
dish in the summer of 2019 - the last time I connected was 2 weeks ago.
Tonight when I tried to log into the ACS net via Winlink, I could not
connect.  I tried it on two computers that I had previously connected with
it, and have not messed with the software or network settings -(unless a
Win 10 update messed with the networking somehow.)
Has there been any issues with Haystack for any of you? I have seen no
mention of it in this group or the ACS list, so I doubt it has gone down -
but I have to ask before delving further. 
If the siteis up and running - I would appreciate any suggestions on where
to start looking for Gremlins.
VY 73,
-John, K7HV
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