[HamWAN PSDR] Internet peering sites?

Nigel Vander Houwen nigel at nigelvh.com
Tue Jun 30 21:14:36 PDT 2020


We currently have two edge sites, the Westin being local, and has direct RF connectivity into the network. We also have an edge router down in Fremont, CA, and there are tunnels from various locations in the network to FMT over diverse commercial internet links. Obviously we prefer if we can go direct to RF, but redundancy is good.

We are certainly open to more edge sites, though the requirements are not met by many locations outside of an established datacenter, and few datacenters give away their main product (Power, IP Transit, Rack Space) for free.

If you have leads on local datacenters, or other facilities that may be able to meet the need and that may be willing to donate services, we would certainly like to hear it. Please send such notes to the netops group. netops at hamwan.org


> On Jun 30, 2020, at 21:09, John C. Miller <kx7jm at jmit.com> wrote:
> I was wondering what HamWAN/internet peering sites are online.  I can see Westin on the hamwan.org map as one of them, but do we have others?  And if not, are we considering additional internet peering relationships?
> Thanks - John kx7jm
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