[HamWAN PSDR] Rattlesnake HamWAN site is on-line

Stephen Kangas stephen at kangas.com
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I was there witnessing the fine work that Bart, Doug, and others did at the Rattlesnake site.  I am so impressed that Bart endured not only some bad wet weather and fog perched up on that tower, but did so for many constant hours...he must work out with leg weight presses, is my only explanation, as a mere mortal would have rubber legs by the time he came down 😉  He deserves more volunteer help next time, especially given that the ice shield that Doug & I assembled is one heavy item that will require some strength (or block and tackle) to pull up on the tower.

Stephen W9SK

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After weeks of work, I can finally declare the Rattlesnake site (47.469984°, -121.820954°) open for business.  We made another visit to Rattlesnake this past weekend, and managed to get 2 sectors installed at the top of the tower.  There is now HamWAN service firing at about 340 degrees @ 5920MHz and about 90 degrees @ 5900MHz.  The sectors were rotated counter-clockwise slightly from our regular 0 and 120 degree bearings to optimize service for the local area.  We also installed a PTZ camera at the top of the Rattlesnake tower, which has been working great.

Given the really long task list, we didn't get through everything in the
1 day, so we need to do another visit this weekend.  The remaining items

1) Install ice shield for 60GHz dish on stubby tower.
2) Install shield + high speed modem on Baldi facing dish.
3) Install missing cable cushions on the tall tower.

Rattlesnake should be completed at that point, and our next weekend adventure will take us to Blyn.


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