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Thu Jun 18 12:05:12 PDT 2020

Hi Marc,

Over the past 5 years I see 3 emails from you regarding HamWAN (not 
including the recent board emails).  I also see that you made a site 
visit (or visits) to help install Larch.  I'd like to see HamWAN 
directors be more involved with the project, with a longer track record, 
not just in terms of time but actions.  Directors who haven't or won't 
be active should not be running for the position. I hope I have set a 
good example of this, when in 2019 I knew my plate would be over-full, 
and I abstained from running that year.

I'd like you to consider withdrawing your candidacy and spending the 
rest of 2020 helping out the project.  You'll get the support you need 
from the existing board and netops group.


On 6/18/2020 10:41 AM, Marc Lacy wrote:
> Nigel,
> Certainly.
> I have been involved with Hamwan for quite some time. I helped with 
> the initial install on Larch, and have had my link established for two 
> years now.
> I am an Extra Class license, first licensed in 2002. Prior to that I 
> was a military radio guy working in microwave point to point and 
> satellite communications.
> Although I am not as well skilled as others, I have been learning 
> about the TCP/IP side of things . I do have an AMPR allocation, and a 
> Hamshack Hotline IP phone.
> I would like to see HamWAN expanding further into EOC’s throughout 
> Western Washington I have several contacts within District 4 that I 
> can work with towards achieving this.
> I have some skill with wiring, and have a setup for doing surveys. The 
> standard has changed since my purchase of the 5SHPN, so I may need to 
> modernize my portable station just a little bit. I do not climb 
> anymore, but I can haul or drag cargo to almost any hilltop with a 
> semi-passable road.
> 73 de KD7RYY
> Marc
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