[HamWAN PSDR] Board Election

Marc Lacy KD7RYY at msn.com
Thu Jun 18 10:41:04 PDT 2020



I have been involved with Hamwan for quite some time. I helped with the initial install on Larch, and have had my link established for two years now.
I am an Extra Class license, first licensed in 2002. Prior to that I was a military radio guy working in microwave point to point and satellite communications.
Although I am not as well skilled as others, I have been learning about the TCP/IP side of things . I do have an AMPR allocation, and a Hamshack Hotline IP phone.

I would like to see HamWAN expanding further into EOC's throughout Western Washington I have several contacts within District 4 that I can work with towards achieving this.

I have some skill with wiring, and have a setup for doing surveys. The standard has changed since my purchase of the 5SHPN, so I may need to modernize my portable station just a little bit. I do not climb anymore, but I can haul or drag cargo to almost any hilltop with a semi-passable road.

73 de KD7RYY


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