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Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Tue Jun 16 16:38:31 PDT 2020

My apologies for mis-representing your role here.

I will also confirm that John has supported HamWAN over the years, not 
just trough ARDC guidance but also other means, and that my email should 
not be misconstrued as some attack on John personally.


On 6/16/2020 4:17 PM, John D. Hays wrote:
> My post was simply to inform that there is grant money available. 
> Whether any groups wish to submit grant requests is their own choice.
> I will leave the political arguments out of it.  Only to say that 
> people should hear both sides.
> I will, however, address the following statement:
> On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 3:46 PM Bart Kus <me at bartk.us 
> <mailto:me at bartk.us>> wrote:
>     Given my lovely email here, it's entirely possible ARDC will now
>     retaliate by rescinding our currently allocated address space. 
>     John is our local coordinator who would be in charge of these
>     decisions.  We should probably make contingency plans to continue
>     the network without ARDC's involvement.
>     --Bart
> I am the coordinator for the Western Washington block of addresses 
> <> and have no vendetta against 
> HamWAN, even when falsely accused.  I also encouraged and supported 
> HamWAN getting their own /16 block, which they did and I have no 
> control over it.
> -- 
> John D. Hays
> Kingston, WA
> K7VE
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