[HamWAN PSDR] Grants

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Tue Jun 16 15:46:00 PDT 2020

I was really hoping this drama wouldn't be brought into PSDR, but it 
seems John has forced my hand in needing to address this.  Also, since 
I'm presently running for HamWAN Board, I should make my views on this 
clear.  Cast your votes accordingly.

AMPR (really: ARDC, Inc.) has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars 
from the global amateur radio community and now they're attempting to 
legitimize their crime by appearing charitable.  I will not support 
touching this dirty money, and encourage others to stay as far away from 
it as modern protesters stay away from conveniently-placed piles of bricks:

It's all bait to literally buy cover for their theft.

 From a pragmatic standpoint, nobody will prosecute them, because 
between ARDC's hundreds of millions and Amazon's legal team combined, 
you'll never win.  And over time, people will be weak, and eat from 
their hand, and eventually forget about it.  However, money has never 
been a limiting factor for HamWAN, and I'd rather sleep well at night 
than corrupt HamWAN by participating in this debacle.

Given my lovely email here, it's entirely possible ARDC will now 
retaliate by rescinding our currently allocated address space.  John is 
our local coordinator who would be in charge of these decisions. We 
should probably make contingency plans to continue the network without 
ARDC's involvement.


On 6/16/2020 3:13 PM, Bryan Fields wrote:
> On 6/16/20 5:00 PM, John D. Hays wrote:
>> Please review https://www.ampr.org/giving/
>> If you have a project, development, etc. that could benefit from a grant,
>> here is your opportunity.
> I would hope HamWAN has more morals than to take any money from ARDC.  The
> people running this organization have perpetuate the greatest crime against
> the community in years.  They have no oversight, and contempt for the
> community.  Further they have failed to disclose any details of this "sale",
> hence the 30+ million they left on the table.
> It's dirty money from a dirty organization.  I had the good sense to resign
> from the TAC, I can't see how anyone could be part of it in good faith after
> this.

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