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Carl Leon carl at n7kuw.com
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As a supporting member, my vote is Yea for all six candidates: Cory, Rob, Doug, Tom, Bart and Nigel.

Carl, N7KUW


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As a supporting member, my votes for this sessions are:


Cory Johnson - Yea

Rob Salsgiver - Yea

Doug Kingston - Yea

Tom Hayward - Yea

Bart Kus - Yea

Nigel Vander Houwen - Yea


Thank you all for your continued direct support of HamWAN, and thank you Nigel for preparing the election notice email!



Ian Gallagher - KE7MAP

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On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 9:59 PM Nigel Vander Houwen <nigel at nigelvh.com <mailto:nigel at nigelvh.com> > wrote:

Hello Everyone,


It is once again time for our annual elections for the HamWAN Board of Directors. Here’s a quick recap of the main points for those that need a refresher.


*	Board member positions last for one year.
*	Any Supporting Member is eligible to vote for board members.
*	Any Supporting Member is eligigle to run for a position on the board.
*	There is no limit on the number of board members. If you feel you would be valuable, you’re not taking a seat away from someone else.
*	There is a minimum of 3 board members required by the constitution.
*	Each board member is a separate election. IE you don’t have to choose only one person to vote for, you choose Yea or Nay for all individuals.
*	Please respond to the list here with your votes. This serves as our public record.


In the above, we make use of the term Supporting Member, this is a specifically defined criteria in the constitution, which are individuals who have contributed at the Basic Level ($20/mo)(or more) for at least the last 6 months. Both the time and money criteria must be met to count. I have asked Cory who has acted as Treasurer for us for a number of years now to pull together the current list of Supporting Members, which are listed below. There have been a couple instances of employer matching this year that we weren’t able to attribute a source to, so if you feel that you’ve been missed in this list, I apologize. Please reach out and we’ll get it sorted. The current Supporting Members are:


*	Bart Kus
*	Bob Edmiston
*	Carl Leon
*	Casey R Hickerson
*	Cathy Jo Melton
*	Conny O Jonsson
*	Cory Johnson
*	David Giuliani
*	David Yost
*	Doug Kingston
*	Dylan Ambauen
*	Ian Gallagher
*	John C Miller
*	Kenneth Richards
*	Marc Lacy
*	Mark Sheppard
*	Mike Shirley
*	Nigel Vander Houwen
*	Randolph Neals
*	Robert Salsgiver
*	Ronald Zuber
*	Ryan Turner
*	Terence Chan
*	Tom Hayward


I would like to thank everyone, Supporting Members and not, for your contributions to the project. HamWAN continues to grow, new clients, EOCs, and sites expanding coverage are all great progress. There’s always more to do, but I remain impressed at what we’ve accomplished with a small core group of operations folks, and a dedicated set of volunteers out in the field (with some overlap between the two of course).


I have spoken with each of the current directors, who have each expressed interest in continuing to serve if re-elected, so here is our current list of directors up for voting:


Cory Johnson - Cory has graciously handled HamWAN’s finances and legal filings and reports for the last several years. I very much appreciate his continued work here making sure everything gets taken care of.


Rob Salsgiver - Rob has taken much of the project organization tasks, which for the number of projects in the field we have, is often like wrangling a herd of cats. I very much thank him for his efforts, and I look forward to what this summer’s work season will bring (and has already started to bring in recent weeks).


Doug Kingston - Doug does much of the work managing our inventory. As with above, with many projects going on, keeping track of what gear we have ready to deploy and what we need more of can be a significant effort. Thank you Doug!


Tom Hayward - Tom has done fantastic work over the years both in developing several of the applications (like the management portal, abuse detection, and more), as well as often acts as one of our tower climbers for installs. Certainly invaluable.


Nigel Vander Houwen (me) - I handle many of the administrative tasks for the org. Record keeping for technical aspects of the org like LoAs, handle any contract items, and manage things like this email/vote.


In addition to the current directors, I’ve spoken with Bart Kus, who has been a director in the past, as well as started the HamWAN project. He bowed out last year due to personal issues, but has indicated he would be willing to serve this year if elected. Thank you Bart.


For anyone else who wishes to run for the board, please send an email here to the mailing list announcing your intention to run. The voting period on your election will end 7 days after your announcement. Duties are not time intensive, and mostly consist of being available for occasional votes to approve expenses.


This email will begin the voting for:

Cory Johnson

Rob Salsgiver

Doug Kingston

Tom Hayward

Bart Kus

Nigel Vander Houwen


Thank you all for reading this rather long email, and I hope to continue working with everyone in this next year.


Nigel Vander Houwen

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