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Kenny Richards richark at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 11:31:14 PDT 2020

Cory Johnson - Yea
Rob Salsgiver - Yea
Doug Kingston - Yea
Tom Hayward - Yea
Bart Kus - Yea
Nigel Vander Houwen - Yea

On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 9:39 AM Ronald Zuber <n4rdz.va at gmail.com> wrote:

> My vote as supporting member is yea for all listed.
> Ron Zuber
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> Have a great day!
> On Jun 13, 2020, at 9:22 AM, Ian Gallagher <ke7map at cdine.org> wrote:
> As a supporting member, my votes for this sessions are:
> Cory Johnson - *Yea*
> Rob Salsgiver - *Yea*
> Doug Kingston - *Yea*
> Tom Hayward - *Yea*
> Bart Kus - *Yea*
> Nigel Vander Houwen - *Yea*
> Thank you all for your continued direct support of HamWAN, and thank you
> Nigel for preparing the election notice email!
> Ian Gallagher - KE7MAP
> SeattleACS.org <http://seattleacs.org/> | CascadiaRadio.org
> <https://www.cascadiaradio.org>
> On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 9:59 PM Nigel Vander Houwen <nigel at nigelvh.com>
> wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> It is once again time for our annual elections for the HamWAN Board of
>> Directors. Here’s a quick recap of the main points for those that need a
>> refresher.
>>    - Board member positions last for one year.
>>    - Any Supporting Member is eligible to vote for board members.
>>    - Any Supporting Member is eligigle to run for a position on the
>>    board.
>>    - There is no limit on the number of board members. If you feel you
>>    would be valuable, you’re not taking a seat away from someone else.
>>    - There is a minimum of 3 board members required by the constitution.
>>    - Each board member is a separate election. IE you don’t have to
>>    choose only one person to vote for, you choose Yea or Nay for all
>>    individuals.
>>    - Please respond to the list here with your votes. This serves as our
>>    public record.
>> In the above, we make use of the term Supporting Member, this is a
>> specifically defined criteria in the constitution, which are individuals
>> who have contributed at the Basic Level ($20/mo)(or more) for at least the
>> last 6 months. Both the time and money criteria must be met to count. I
>> have asked Cory who has acted as Treasurer for us for a number of years now
>> to pull together the current list of Supporting Members, which are listed
>> below. There have been a couple instances of employer matching this year
>> that we weren’t able to attribute a source to, so if you feel that you’ve
>> been missed in this list, I apologize. Please reach out and we’ll get it
>> sorted. The current Supporting Members are:
>>    - Bart Kus
>>    - Bob Edmiston
>>    - Carl Leon
>>    - Casey R Hickerson
>>    - Cathy Jo Melton
>>    - Conny O Jonsson
>>    - Cory Johnson
>>    - David Giuliani
>>    - David Yost
>>    - Doug Kingston
>>    - Dylan Ambauen
>>    - Ian Gallagher
>>    - John C Miller
>>    - Kenneth Richards
>>    - Marc Lacy
>>    - Mark Sheppard
>>    - Mike Shirley
>>    - Nigel Vander Houwen
>>    - Randolph Neals
>>    - Robert Salsgiver
>>    - Ronald Zuber
>>    - Ryan Turner
>>    - Terence Chan
>>    - Tom Hayward
>> I would like to thank everyone, Supporting Members and not, for your
>> contributions to the project. HamWAN continues to grow, new clients, EOCs,
>> and sites expanding coverage are all great progress. There’s always more to
>> do, but I remain impressed at what we’ve accomplished with a small core
>> group of operations folks, and a dedicated set of volunteers out in the
>> field (with some overlap between the two of course).
>> I have spoken with each of the current directors, who have each expressed
>> interest in continuing to serve if re-elected, so here is our current list
>> of directors up for voting:
>> Cory Johnson - Cory has graciously handled HamWAN’s finances and legal
>> filings and reports for the last several years. I very much appreciate his
>> continued work here making sure everything gets taken care of.
>> Rob Salsgiver - Rob has taken much of the project organization tasks,
>> which for the number of projects in the field we have, is often like
>> wrangling a herd of cats. I very much thank him for his efforts, and I look
>> forward to what this summer’s work season will bring (and has already
>> started to bring in recent weeks).
>> Doug Kingston - Doug does much of the work managing our inventory. As
>> with above, with many projects going on, keeping track of what gear we have
>> ready to deploy and what we need more of can be a significant effort. Thank
>> you Doug!
>> Tom Hayward - Tom has done fantastic work over the years both in
>> developing several of the applications (like the management portal, abuse
>> detection, and more), as well as often acts as one of our tower climbers
>> for installs. Certainly invaluable.
>> Nigel Vander Houwen (me) - I handle many of the administrative tasks for
>> the org. Record keeping for technical aspects of the org like LoAs, handle
>> any contract items, and manage things like this email/vote.
>> In addition to the current directors, I’ve spoken with Bart Kus, who has
>> been a director in the past, as well as started the HamWAN project. He
>> bowed out last year due to personal issues, but has indicated he would be
>> willing to serve this year if elected. Thank you Bart.
>> For anyone else who wishes to run for the board, please send an email
>> here to the mailing list announcing your intention to run. The voting
>> period on your election will end 7 days after your announcement. Duties are
>> not time intensive, and mostly consist of being available for occasional
>> votes to approve expenses.
>> This email will begin the voting for:
>> Cory Johnson
>> Rob Salsgiver
>> Doug Kingston
>> Tom Hayward
>> Bart Kus
>> Nigel Vander Houwen
>> Thank you all for reading this rather long email, and I hope to continue
>> working with everyone in this next year.
>> Nigel Vander Houwen
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