[HamWAN PSDR] VOTE: RF Armor for CampMurray dish

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Thu Jun 11 17:01:19 PDT 2020


We recently installed a replacement dish @ Baldi for CampMurray since 
the original dish there was damaged beyond repair.  I brought a dish 
from my inventory "just in case" to serve this role, since I wasn't sure 
if we'd need to replace the existing dish until it was inspected.  I 
didn't bring an RF Armor shield kit at the time though, due to the 
uncertainty of the situation.  Now, however, we know that dish needs to 
stay and I discovered I have a new RF Armor kit in my inventory that I 
don't need (purchased for a different commercial project that didn't 
happen).  This vote is to approve HamWAN purchasing that shield and 
installing it on that dish.

Cost based on RF Armor ordered recently for Rattlesnake: $160


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