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p.s. – if you don’t have a shot from the fire station, maybe you have one from the City Hall building, or from somewhere else nearby. If so, you can relay with a point-to-point link back to the fire station if that shot has line of sight.



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I have been asked by our city Emergency Manager and the Assist. Fire Chief for a written proposal to install HAMWAN at Shoreline Fire Headquarters <https://tinyurl.com/yavdmuly>  located at 17525 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline  98133, which also houses the City of Shoreline EOC.


Project to include high gain roof top antenna / modem, network switch,  two VoIP phones, one for the EOC radio room, the other for the Fire Department local dispatch/coordination room. 


Is there someone on your team who can work with me on this project?



Also can you provide a list of existing EOCs that have HAMWAN capability and VoIP phones.  


Thank you

John Slomnicki N7TPM

Team Manager

206 949-1226





 <https://sites.google.com/a/w7aux.org/shoreline-acs/> City of Shoreline

 <https://sites.google.com/a/w7aux.org/shoreline-acs/> Auxiliary Communications Service  W7AUX




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