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Hi John,


Step 1:  Run some elevation profiles from the desired location to existing HamWAN sectors (Gold, Buck, Haystack being the most likely shots) and see if in fact you have line of sight (real line of sight, can look through binoculars and actually see the other end – no trees in the way).

Step 2:  If you have a good path (or think you do), someone (myself included, I live nearby) can bring a dish over to test with and confirm it will work.

Step 3: Develop a bill of material for the project. There are several people who are very experienced in doing this, and can advise the best equipment to use.


In answer to your VOIP question, there is a VOIP switch inside the Puget Sound HamWAN network (not dependent on actual internet). Currently Snohomish County EOC and Seattle EOC have phones. Washington EMD has HamWAN but I don’t know if they have actually put in a VOIP phone yet.


I only live a couple of miles from that station, just inside Seattle limits, and am active with Seattle ACS which has done all of this for Seattle EOC. Happy to give a helping hand/answer questions. You can harass me directly (carl @ mycallsign dot com), or via the PSDR list. What is of value to everyone should stay on the list. What is not and is boring for everyone else, we can handle off list.


Carl, N7KUW


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I have been asked by our city Emergency Manager and the Assist. Fire Chief for a written proposal to install HAMWAN at Shoreline Fire Headquarters <https://tinyurl.com/yavdmuly>  located at 17525 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline  98133, which also houses the City of Shoreline EOC.


Project to include high gain roof top antenna / modem, network switch,  two VoIP phones, one for the EOC radio room, the other for the Fire Department local dispatch/coordination room. 


Is there someone on your team who can work with me on this project?



Also can you provide a list of existing EOCs that have HAMWAN capability and VoIP phones.  


Thank you

John Slomnicki N7TPM

Team Manager

206 949-1226





 <https://sites.google.com/a/w7aux.org/shoreline-acs/> City of Shoreline

 <https://sites.google.com/a/w7aux.org/shoreline-acs/> Auxiliary Communications Service  W7AUX




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