[HamWAN PSDR] Inexpensive heavy-duty wall offset mounts?

Nick Kartsioukas nick at explodinglemur.org
Mon Jun 8 10:56:06 PDT 2020

I'd like to get a few masts up without drilling holes through my roof so I'm looking at offset wall mounts like https://www.bairdmounts.com/products/wireless/complete-list/Wall-Mounts/WL-4?mtid=5&fid=38 to clear the roof eaves.  I don't feel like spending $200 per mount though.  I'm looking to do 3 masts up, plus a length of unistrut across all 3 masts.  Plan is to have a grid antenna for GOES, a discone, a 3' vertical for ADS-B, a Diamond X50NA, and a Mikrotik dish stuck way up high.  If there are mounts that can support this that aren't $200/ea I'd be very happy.  Otherwise I guess strapping the masts to the house and sticking them through the roof with boots is the way to go.

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