[HamWAN PSDR] VOTE: Replace SnoDEM.Haystack (repair spending)

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Thu Jul 16 16:43:50 PDT 2020


Both clients to SnoDEM.Haystack are super weak on ch0.  This implies a 
fault with SnoDEM.Haystack.  I'd like to go up there with a full 
dish+modem kit to swap out the whole thing and not do diagnostics on the 
mountain top.  PTZ does not show any obvious physical damage to ch0 
cable or dish.

I would like to draw upon existing inventory to perform this repair.  
Here are the estimated costs:

Dish: $130
Shield: $100
Modem: $150
TOTAL: $380

I can do diagnostics and salvage what is possible once the faulty gear 
is down on the ground.

My vote is yea.  Since this is a repair measure, only 1 more supporting 
director vote is required for it to pass under our standing repair 
spending rules.


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