[HamWAN PSDR] Got a problem

Bob Sampson k6mby at olypen.com
Mon Jul 13 13:30:59 PDT 2020

Good day,

Have a problem that I am not sure where to go for support.  I have a client node off Lookout in Sequim, WA.  Until a few days a go it worked flawlessly serving DMR, packet 1200, VARA FM and VARA HF.  The client HamWAN hardware is still connected to Lookout but I am unable to get service for the attached services.  Going to tools and using traceroute to, as and example, I only get so far before there is a 100% failureā€¦

I am certainly a noobe when it comes to poking around the the router so any help would be appreciated.  And yes, I did restart to HamWan router.

Bob Sampson
k6mby at olypen.com
360-477-0776 (cell)
Sequim, WA

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