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Bob Stephens af9w at bobandgloria.com
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Yes, if we can get a speaker, anyone can attend our Zoom meetings.  I would only need a list of email addresses to send the Zoom link to

Bob Stephens AF9W
Island County EC/RO

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Hello all,
I saw a response that addressed the line of site questions, but not the speaker question. Perhaps I overlooked that one. If a speaker is arranged, there are a number of hams (including myself) on Bainbridge Island who would be very interested in attending. Would this be possible?
-Lionel Halvorsen

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I hope it is ok to post this request to this forum.  I am the President of the Island County ARC on Whidbey and the Island County ARES/RACES EC/RO.  We are looking at creating a digital network on the Island for EMCOMM using packet and Winlink both VHF/UHF and HF.  We have looked at HamWan for the island before but our EOC's do not have line of site.  The island has lots of trees and topography that makes line of site anything difficult.  We do have some hams that live near the water that might have HamWan access, especially when Blyn comes online.  Most of these hams are recently new and don't know much about HamWan.  I was wondering if there was someone who could do a Zoom presentation introducing HamWan to our club on July 25th.  The Zoom would start shortly after the meeting is called to order at 9:30am.

Bob Stephens AF9W
President, Island County Amateur Radio Club
Island County Amateur Radio Emergency Coordinator
Island County RACES Radio Officer
Home:  360-579-4257
Cell: 520-576-3087

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