[HamWAN PSDR] HamWAN Coverage Map

Rob Martin rgmrob at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 8 12:28:10 PDT 2020

First, before making any other remarks, I want to acknowledge the size of the task of maintaining the HamWAN web site, and say thank you to all involved.
That said, I am wondering just how current is the information on the coverage map? If it were an engineering drawing, there would be revision information and a summary of changes. Does this exist?
I have two requests that I believe would be beneficial and not be overly burdensome:
1. Publish the date of the most recent updates to the map, perhaps directly under the title "State of the Puget Sound Data Ring", a statement like this: "Map updated: 2020-07-15". 

2. Publish a list of the HamWAN access points that contribute to the red coverage information overlayed on the map. I know that an AP has been added at Blyn, and at the time of writing this the map does not reflect the change, but are there others yet to be included? Just a list would be useful. It could go right under the above-suggested map updated statement.

Thank you for considering this.


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