[HamWAN PSDR] Configuration failure

Carl Leon carl at n7kuw.com
Fri Feb 28 21:54:48 PST 2020

I use Winbox, double click on Wireless tab, double click on wlan1, then click the Wireless tab at the top of that window, then click Advanced Mode in the right column, then you will see a Frequency Mode and Country entry about the middle of the screen. You can make your entries there.

I not sure how to set the country from the command line, but I am going to guess:  Country=no_country_set


/interface wireless
set 0 disabled=no country=no_country_set frequency-mode=superchannel band=5ghz-onlyn mode=station scan-list="HamWAN" ssid=HamWAN wireless-protocol=nv2

If you can't set the country to no_country-set, and the frequency-mode to superchannel, then you probably have a US version and not an international version.

I'm assuming way back at the start you did...

/system reset-configuration no-defaults=yes

Good luck.  If this doesn't get you over the hump, then reach out to netops, the smart people (of which I am not) can advise.


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Little new at this so I am going to take a wild guess.  Assuming I am in the /interface wireless directory I would first “set country=no-country” then the frequency-mode = statement. 

Or, does the country statement need to run in a different directory?
Sequim,  WA

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