[HamWAN PSDR] strategic planning - growing the network

Steve - WA7PTM psdr-list at aberle.net
Sun Feb 23 16:00:00 PST 2020

Would folks on this list be interested in attending a strategic planning 
session to discuss the future of ham radio data networks?  The idea is 
to coalesce on a shared vision, define the building blocks, and develop 
strategies needed to build a robust interoperable multi-state/province 

Topics – In Scope:
• Is growth possible without breaking the model?
• Overall topology of a larger network, including improved system 
• Bridging the Cascades.
• Getting emergency messages out of the shaking zone.
• What network services can be supported?
• Methods to avoid transmissions which are prohibited under §97.113(a)(4).
• Delivering EOC-to-EOC back-up connectivity throughout Oregon, 
Washington, Western Idaho, Southern British Columbia?
• Frequency coordination.
• Applying for emergency communications grants.
• Increasing the pool of volunteer network managers.

Topics – Out of Scope:
• Tell me how to get started.
• Which client gear should I buy?
• How do I configure my radio?
• Why can't I connect to _____?

Meeting Logistics:
The date of the strategic planning session would be the afternoon before 
SEAPAC, Friday, June 5th, at Seaside, Oregon.  The SEAPAC organizers 
have set aside a room at the Seaside Convention Center for this meeting 
(probably the Seamist Room which seats 35).  There is no cost to use the 
room, but special Friday credentials will be needed to enter the 
building, so anyone planning to attend will have to register for this 
meeting ahead of time.


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