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Ian Gallagher ke7map at cdine.org
Wed Feb 19 16:43:09 PST 2020

Another bit of info right now for Streakwave is that they don’t have any new international stock coming in available for US purchase due to tariffs. I got this information from them January 17, when trying to order a DynaDish5 for HamWAN:

> ... I do have some bad news though. Due to the tariffs we are no longer bringing in international product from Ubiquiti or Mikrotik into our stock (we do have some stock remaining on certain products). The reasoning is that we are unable to compete with the European markets due to being charged and additional 25%. When we were selling international product, only a very small percentage was staying in the states for instances like this but most of the time we were exporting overseas. From a business standpoint it doesn’t make sense to dedicate shelf space in our facilities on product that won’t move due to high pricing....

Hope that's useful for people who may wonder why they show out of stock on many items. 

Ian Gallagher

> On Feb 19, 2020, at 16:39, Stephen McLaughlin <stephen at compucomp.net> wrote:
> Bob,
> In BC we have used the mAnt30's from Mikroitik with great success. They come with the two jumpers required to connect to a RB912 or similar radio. Optional shield or radome is available.
> I am not sure which dish you were looking at but these go for 120-150 USD and last I checked streakwave carried them. Might be an option if you want to keep it all at one supplier.
>> On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 4:34 PM Bob Sampson <k6mby at olypen.com> wrote:
>> Streakwave no longer carries the MikroTic antenna recommended in the client equipment list and suggests a 30 dbi Ubiquiti antenna as a replacement.  That is not awful I don’t suppose but they do not carry the cables to connect the radio to the antenna.   The referred me to a third party.  The cable requires a RP SMA F at the radio end and a RP SMA Male at the antenna end should anyone want to build one for the MikroTik radio to the Ubiquiti 30 dbi antenna.
>> BalticNetworks has all the MikroTik equipment listed for client installations.  The cost of shipping is not cheap but at least you get parts that fit together.
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