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Stephen McLaughlin stephen at compucomp.net
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In BC we have used the mAnt30's from Mikroitik with great success. They
come with the two jumpers required to connect to a RB912 or similar radio.
Optional shield or radome is available.

I am not sure which dish you were looking at but these go for 120-150 USD
and last I checked streakwave carried them. Might be an option if you want
to keep it all at one supplier.

On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 4:34 PM Bob Sampson <k6mby at olypen.com> wrote:

> Streakwave no longer carries the MikroTic antenna recommended in the
> client equipment list and suggests a 30 dbi Ubiquiti antenna as a
> replacement.  That is not awful I don’t suppose but they do not carry the
> cables to connect the radio to the antenna.   The referred me to a third
> party.  The cable requires a RP SMA F at the radio end and a RP SMA Male at
> the antenna end should anyone want to build one for the MikroTik radio to
> the Ubiquiti 30 dbi antenna.
> BalticNetworks has all the MikroTik equipment listed for client
> installations.  The cost of shipping is not cheap but at least you get
> parts that fit together.
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