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j sweeney jms at swny.io
Tue Feb 18 15:24:05 PST 2020

I actually just got a  RD-5G30-LW.  The connectors are just RP-SMA.  You'll have to trim the shroud that covers the wires / connection to the radio.  Additionally, things seem to fit a bit better with a RF Elements StationBox S enclosure.

I also got the precision alignment kit, which I found MUCH easier to deal with than the Mikrotik setup.

Next on my todo list is some performance comparison with the MTAD-5G-30D3-PA.  

> On 18 Feb 02020, at 15:14, k6mby.olypen <k6mby at olypen.com> wrote:
> Seeing coverage from Triangle in Sequim I decided to order equipment from Streakwave.
> Seems they no long carry the Mikrotik MTAD-5G-30D3-PA dish due to “high tariffs” and suggested a Ubiquiti RD-5G30-LW.  Is there a better recommendation out there that the organization would recommend.
> Streakwave says the connector on the RD-5G30-LW is an N Female which I find difficult to believe.  I put a question on the Ubiquiti Community page and the answer there was the connector on the dish was an SMA Male.  Not sure believe that either.
> So, is the Ubiquiti dish a good alternative to the Mikrotik and can anyone confirm the type of antenna connector on the Ubiquiti RD-5G30-LW?  
> Bob Sampson
> Sequim, WA
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