[HamWAN PSDR] Policy routing for dummies

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Thu Nov 7 10:03:37 PST 2019

HamWAN's Open Peering Policy includes Policy Based Routing as part of 
the solution:


Have a read through it, and once you understand it, you can apply the 
same PBR ideas just to a different interface (RF link vs VPN tunnel).

The magic decoder ring for packet flow inside RouterOS is that it's just 
Linux underneath so you can use the following netfilter diagram:


They also publish RouterOS specific (and re-formatted) diagrams of their 


But if you stare at both diagrams long enough, you'll realize they're 
pretty much identical, despite the different graphical representation.

Good luck!


On 11/7/2019 7:24 AM, Ric Merry wrote:
> Can someone explain how to achieve policy routing to me? I'd like to 
> do this in Winbox if possible.
> I've watched a few videos and read some articles but I think what I'm 
> trying to do, separate my cable modem traffic from my HamWAN traffic, 
> is pretty basic and I feel like I'm trying to get a sip of water from 
> a fire hose..
> Talk to me like I'm in kindergarten. :)
> Perhaps this should be in my signature here. "TTMLIIK"
> -Ric
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