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To add to John and Kenny’s replies:  When you connect you will automatically pull a 44. Series IP address.  Depending on how you configure your device, you can bridge or NAT.  Unless you have some specific need for more than one outside world 44 address, the normal recommendation is to configure so your dish gives you a NAT’d LAN, providing you as many LAN IP addresses as you need.  Normally, you would want to use your own router, firewall, and NAT rather than connect directly to the outside internet (and you can do all of that with the Mikrotik router built into your radio).


If you have a specific need for more than one 44 series address, you can request a subnet from the PSDR admins. Then you will need to program your device accordingly, and it will DHCP assign from whatever subnet you have, providing each connection a 44 series address. You could then NAT behind one of those while retaining one or more for direct outside access as needed.


Regardless, you do not need to deal directly with AMPRNet for HamWAN use.




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I'd hate to let a day go by that I didn't ask something of the collective.

Should I be requesting a block from AMPR net?

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