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Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Fri Nov 1 20:06:12 PDT 2019

It appears you're connected to the Baldi site.  That's probably the only 
site remaining that still doesn't have MIMO (2-chainz) modems. It only 
provides service with horizontally polarized signals.

It looks like your modem's setup to receive HPol on ch1.  HamWAN 
typically suggests HPol be wired to ch0, and all our network gear 
follows that standard:


It makes troubleshooting easier when there's a clear polarity-to-chain 

I'm also not sure why we're still running that sector at 5MHz bandwidth, 
it should be 10MHz.  I've gone ahead and updated the sector's config to 
be 10MHz.  This should provide you with a bit more speed, at the cost of 
3dB of signal power, which you can afford given your -66dBm link.

Feel free to run some bandwidth-tests to Baldi-S3.hamwan.net 
( to confirm performance.

PS: The "tx-signal-strength-ch0" is reported back to you from Baldi-S3 
(how well it hears you), since Baldi-S3 only has a ch0, even though 
that's not your tx-ch0, but rather your tx-ch1 that it's measuring.  You 
see how confusing things get when polarities are flipped?  :)


On 11/1/2019 7:46 PM, Scott Currie wrote:
> So, should I be concerned about my ch0 numbers?
> -Scott
> [ns7c at WA7AUB-Baldi] > /interface wireless monitor 0
>                   status: connected-to-ess
>                  channel: 5880/5/an
>        wireless-protocol: nv2
>                  tx-rate: 6.5Mbps-5MHz/1S
>                  rx-rate: 13Mbps-5MHz/1S
>                     ssid: HamWAN
>                    bssid: D4:CA:6D:7A:A3:EF
>               radio-name: N7FSP/Baldi-S3
>          signal-strength: -66dBm
>      signal-strength-ch0: -90dBm
>      signal-strength-ch1: -66dBm
>       tx-signal-strength: -67dBm
>   tx-signal-strength-ch0: -67dBm
>              noise-floor: -101dBm
>          signal-to-noise: 35dB
>                   tx-ccq: 47%
>                   rx-ccq: 79%
>    authenticated-clients: 1
>         current-distance: 31
>                 wds-link: no
>                   bridge: no
>         routeros-version: 6.41.3
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