[HamWAN PSDR] New client up and running in Mount Vernon

Ric Merry ricmerry at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 08:20:56 PDT 2019

Thanks to help from Tom, Rob and Andrew rectifying issues both on my end
and sector configuration I'm up and running.
I have more questions of course. If there's a repository of simple FAQ's
please forgive my asking these here and point me towards them if you please.
1. I have 4 of 5 LED's lit. Should I continue tweaking until I have all 5?
2. I didn't know how to stop /ping once I started it. Would it have
eventually stopped on it's own or?I tried Q to now avail, finally just
exited out.
3. I read something about POE voltages. Is that something I should be
concerned with? Mine appears to be at 22.9.
4. I didn't understand the part about licensing from MikroTIK. As a
client is this something I need to be concerned with?
Any next steps? I'm going to try some Telnet Winlink next, I don't expect
that to be any challenge at all.
Many thanks again for all the help I've gotten from both the collective and
individual members.
Ric Merry. K7iTE. Mount Vernon WA
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