[HamWAN PSDR] Camp Murray install update

Rob Salsgiver rob at nr3o.com
Sat Jul 27 23:03:02 PDT 2019

After a 2nd long day I'm happy to report that the WA State EOC at Camp
Murray is online.  All of the tower work is done, but there is still some
configuration updates and off-tower tweaking to be completed, as well as
walking Camp Murray staff through the use of HamWAN, documentation/etc.  


A BIG "thank you" to Mike Ping, Scott Honaker, Ed Braaten, Scott Burrows,
and Bob Purdom for their help in finishing off major work today.  I'll be
following up in a couple weeks to wrap up the remaining little items.


I would also like to thank our crew from last weekend - Bart Kus, Carl Leon,
Doug Kingston, Tom Hayward, and Steve Aberle who got it all started.  Both
crews worked well and it was very productive both Saturdays.


This has been a huge milestone for HamWAN and WA State EMCOMM, as this
allows existing and future EOCs to have a high-speed data and communications
path to augment traditional amateur radio in a disaster.  Thanks to everyone
involved in HamWAN - it's your contributions throughout the project that
have made this all happen.



Rob Salsgiver - NR3O

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