[HamWAN PSDR] Voting Process Proposal RE: VOTE: Board Director Elections

Sheppard, Mark Mark.Sheppard at seattle.gov
Tue Jul 2 13:24:57 PDT 2019

To HamWAN Board and Supporting Members:

The HamWAN PSDR Board of Director’s nomination and voting process, while it works and yields a very viable board of hard working committed folks – it is appears to me to be a bit hard to track and keep up with.  As someone declares their candidacy – that triggers a vote on that individual by those reading the email thread.  But it is never clear who else may be declaring.  It seems that having the ability to see the complete list of those declared candidates and then the electorate having the ability to review that slate and then vote, based on the knowledge of who all is running  would support more informed decision making.

I am aware the current election practices are supported by the by-laws but we probably have some latitude to make administrative changes to the process if these are deemed to add value to the process and outcomes.

Thank you for considering this proposal – Mark
Mark Sheppard, N7LYE

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