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Shoot us some coordinates for your location Rod and we’ll see the plots say.





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WE7X here.

   At least a couple of years ago, the 240 degree sector on Tiger that I was relaying to from my home tower, was de-commisioned and moved to East Tiger.

  Then I lost my connection to Baldi.

 I am wondering if the antenna ( 30dB Pointing/MicroTik combination)  I had pointed at Baldi, can be re-positioned to receive signals from the new location at East Tiger.

  Can someone do a survey to see if it might be possible ( location on tower has not changes, so still 50 to 60 feet up.  I do not think  local trees in that directions should be a problem, as the horizon is more open to the NE than to the South (looking toward Baldi).


  Rod Johnson




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