[HamWAN PSDR] Who is Mike, KI7JBV (Peninsula Amateur Radio Emergency Team)

Rob Salsgiver rob at nr3o.com
Mon Jul 1 19:20:39 PDT 2019

No idea Scott, but feel free to point him my way.  I have several conversations going on with various counties including the peninsula, so I can likely figure out if he’s connected to an existing effort or looking to startup a new one.





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This evening, Mike (KI7JBV) left a text with ramblings of a HamWAN presentation and needing slides.  Does anyone know what he needs or wants? I responded and let him know that this disabled veteran just had surgery and was unable to respond to texts and phone calls.  He has not responded.  A quick google search indicates he is an ARES (Peninsula Amateur Radio Emergency Team) member in Washington.  Does anyone know this guy?  He seems very strange.


Scott, N7DOD


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