[HamWAN PSDR] HamWAN setup week of July 4

Rob Salsgiver rob at nr3o.com
Mon Jul 1 05:30:09 PDT 2019

Welcome Ryan!


You should be able to drop the config in from the client node setup pae (with minor tweaks as specified on the page like your call, etc) and go.  No need to “pre-register” anything.  If you can get a signal, you should be good to go.  Give a shout if anything comes up, and have fun with it!





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Hello!  I’m new to the seattle area, and planning on trying to link up to the HamWAN this week with the help of a friend who’s apparently done it before with a non-permanent link and a MikroTik SXT lite 5.  I assume it's "rest of world", since he's had success before.


My own RBLHG-5nD RoW should be delivered tomorrow, and I'll be pointing it from my house in Ravenna at around "47.675261 N 122.296587 W 266 ft" 


looking at Capitol park looks like I have 4-miles line of sight:



Should I just be able to connect, using the instructions online?  Do I need to register anything in advance, or will I just associate and get an address via DHCP?

Any tips?


looking forward to jumping in!

Ryan Nelson



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