[HamWAN PSDR] Seattle/King County Red Cross now on HamWAN

Dylan Ambauen dylan at ambauen.com
Tue Jan 15 21:42:13 PST 2019

Thank you Randy, welcome Red Cross!

Dylan, KI7SBI

On Tue, Jan 15, 2019 at 6:43 PM Randy Neals <randy at neals.ca> wrote:

> FYI,
> Today I attended KC Red Cross in Seattle with Frank, K7RSD.
> They operate a Red Cross Disaster Services radio room in the basement of
> the Seattle RC building and have a 50' tower on the roof with VHF and HF
> antennas / station.
> We installed a Mikrotik SXQ on the tower pointing at Beacon-S3. The path
> is short/visual and about -65dBm / 7 Mbps up/down.
> We deployed a small ethernet switch and HamWAN / Seattle ACS IP Phone in
> the RC radio room, all of which can run on building generator system.
> Tested SIP phone with Seattle ACS / Seattle EOC. (HamWan ext 8081)
> Red Cross team is interested in connectivity from Seattle to Spokane.
> Apparently Spokane is a staging area for moving disaster assistance west
> to Seattle. I advised nothing near term, but that longer term something is
> likely to develop re Ham Networks to Spokane.
> I also recognize that the disaster potential/risk factors for E Washington
> are different than for W Washington. Having a HamWan network extend over
> the mountains to Yakima/Wenatchee and relying on public Internet to then
> reach Spokane is likely workable as the typical Earthquake scenario for
> Puget Sound that emergency planners work to isn't likely to affect
> infrastructure in Eastern Washington.
> The Northwest Region Red Cross is HQ in Seattle. There are branch/chapter
> offices in Kennewick, Spokane, Bremerton, Bellingham, Everett and Tacoma.
> Most have a disaster service radio station.
> If you have an interest in helping your local Red Cross chapter office
> with a connection to HamWAN, I can put you in touch with hams at the
> Seattle regional office and perhaps there is a pull-through effort to get
> more of the braches on the network.
> For our DMR friends...
> There may be a good opportunity to support NW Red Cross disaster services
> via DMR talk groups. Given the wide reach of DMR, that might be a tool the
> RC could have in their kit. The wide spread nature of Red Cross offices and
> regions, seem to be a poster-child use-case for PNW DMR.
> Randy
> Seattle
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