[HamWAN PSDR] Questions about Configuring HamWAN Nodes and Sectors

Dylan Ambauen dylan at ambauen.com
Sat Jan 12 18:48:20 PST 2019


Other's may wish to weigh in here, but we are basically talking about same
technology as 802.11ac 5GHz wifi. As long as you aren't intentionally
baking yourself or others at extreme proximity, it's probably not too much
to worry about. Here we are holding wifi smartphones up to our heads all
the time... What precautions do you take against wifi signals?

HamWAN runs Mikrotik NV2 protocol, but it is the same as 802.11 for all
intents and purposes. It works and behaves just like wifi: ap's are
constantly transmitting beacons, and stations are always probing to
connect. The only difference between a "sector" and a "node" (other than
the antenna differences you've already observed) is that one interface is
configured as mode=station and the other as mode=ap-bridge.


I suppose you could turn down *tx-power* while setting up/testing indoors.
You could also experiment with lower power devices. Any mikrotik radio will
do. You can substitute your own 2.4G or 5G frequencies for Hamwan's 5.9Ghz.

Dylan, KI7SBI

On Sat, Jan 12, 2019 at 1:30 PM Herb Weiner <herbw at wiskit.com> wrote:

> I have a question about configuring a HamWAN Node that is not answered by
> https://hamwan.org/Standards/Network%20Engineering/Client%20Node%20Configuration.html:
> Do I have to take any precautions (and if so, what) to protect myself and
> others from microwave radiation while configuring a HamWAN Node? I assume
> that a Node would not transmit until it receives a signal from a Sector,
> but I can't find a specific answer to this question. If it is true that a
> Node will not transmit until it receives a signal from a Sector, then I can
> safely work indoors while configuring the Node. (Obviously, once I have the
> Node mounted and aimed at a Sector, I must ensure that people and animals
> can not come into the path of the signal.)
> If I have a spare Node, can I configure the spare Node as a Sector (using
> a different frequency that will not conflict with any existing Sectors) for
> testing or demonstration purposes to gain experience with HamWAN when I am
> out of range of the PSDR? Obviously, because the Node has a directional
> antenna rather than the 120 degree antenna normally used for Sectors, the
> Node would not make a good Sector for production purposes. Or, is there
> some fundamental difference between the hardware or firmware in a Node and
> that in a Sector that would prevent a Node from being used as an
> experimental Sector?
> Regardless of the answer to the above question, at what point in the
> configuration process of a Sector does the Sector begin to transmit
> microwave radiation? Obviously, once the Sector begins to transmit
> microwave radiation, I must take precautions to ensure that people and
> animals are not exposed to this radiation. What protection is required? For
> example, am I safe if I aim a sector at a concrete wall? Do I need a mesh
> screen? Any advice / recommendations would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Herb, AA7HW
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