[HamWAN PSDR] Questions about Configuring HamWAN Nodes and Sectors

Herb Weiner herbw at wiskit.com
Sat Jan 12 15:30:03 PST 2019

I have a question about configuring a HamWAN Node that is not answered by https://hamwan.org/Standards/Network%20Engineering/Client%20Node%20Configuration.html: <https://hamwan.org/Standards/Network%20Engineering/Client%20Node%20Configuration.html:>

Do I have to take any precautions (and if so, what) to protect myself and others from microwave radiation while configuring a HamWAN Node? I assume that a Node would not transmit until it receives a signal from a Sector, but I can't find a specific answer to this question. If it is true that a Node will not transmit until it receives a signal from a Sector, then I can safely work indoors while configuring the Node. (Obviously, once I have the Node mounted and aimed at a Sector, I must ensure that people and animals can not come into the path of the signal.)

If I have a spare Node, can I configure the spare Node as a Sector (using a different frequency that will not conflict with any existing Sectors) for testing or demonstration purposes to gain experience with HamWAN when I am out of range of the PSDR? Obviously, because the Node has a directional antenna rather than the 120 degree antenna normally used for Sectors, the Node would not make a good Sector for production purposes. Or, is there some fundamental difference between the hardware or firmware in a Node and that in a Sector that would prevent a Node from being used as an experimental Sector?

Regardless of the answer to the above question, at what point in the configuration process of a Sector does the Sector begin to transmit microwave radiation? Obviously, once the Sector begins to transmit microwave radiation, I must take precautions to ensure that people and animals are not exposed to this radiation. What protection is required? For example, am I safe if I aim a sector at a concrete wall? Do I need a mesh screen? Any advice / recommendations would be appreciated.

Herb, AA7HW

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